Five FREE Skyr Yogurts via Shopmium Until 5th Oct

Shopmium are offering 5... yes 5, FREE Skyr yogurts to their app users until 5th October!

The catch... well there is kind of a catch, but it's not a nasty one, it's just that although you can have one of all 5 flavours, not all supermarkets stock all the flavours, so you are going to have to visit more than one supermarket if you want to try all 5!

Here's an easier way to navigate which supermarkets to visit, if you want them all:

Strawberry - Tesco, Morrison's, Asda & Sainsbury's Blueberry & Elderberry - Tesco & Morrison's Sour Cherry - Tesco Mixed Berries - Sainsbury's Peach & Raspberry - Tesco So based on this, a visit to both Tesco & Sainsbury's will get you stocked up! Obviously see what else is on offer, via the app, and combine the visit to grab other items as well.

Also check out the CheckoutSmart & Green Jinn app's as well and see what they have on offer too!

As this is a Shopmium deal, you need to buy these and then using the app, take a picture of your receipt, scan each of the barcodes from each yogurt, and then upload the info to Shopmium. Within a day or so, you will receive a full refund, to Paypal.. If you haven't already signed up to Shopmium, you can find a sign up here, for free.