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Save Cash On Your Energy Supply With Switchd

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Switchd is an energy switching service that not only switches to the best deals on the market for you, but manages switches for you, so you just sit back and relax.

With one quick sign up, Switchd will switch you every 6-9 months to ensure you are always on the best energy deal.

By signing up to Switchd all the hassle of checking your energy deal disappears, with a UK based team on hand to monitor the switch and ensure everything goes ahead smoothly.

They charge a very small fee for the service, but the average saving is over £100 more than you find on comparison sites, plus you have the piece of mind that you can call them for help and advice and they are based in the UK.

They manage the entire switching process for you. Direct debits are transferred between suppliers automatically, online account are set up, meter numbers are checked. The only thing that is helpful is giving meter readings to give us the best understanding of your usage, but even that is not essential.

Well worth checking out if you want to stay on top of your energy bills!


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