Take Part In Research - Paid Market Research Projects

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

This is your chance to influence future developments in product design, customer service, local authority policies, business modelling, motoring and medicine.

If you have an opinion, it could be used to shape the future of products, services or even entire industries, via this market research platform.

Register on the website and then browse the current market research projects.

Projects will vary and are usually a mix of online, face to face, telephone and webcam projects, being conducted in the UK.

Apply for which ever project you think is suitable, and then a member of the team will call you to talk to you, to ensure that you are suitable for the role.

The researcher will then speak to the client, conducting the study, and confirm with them, that you suitable candidate for the project, and if so, they will call you back and book you in for your study.

Payment for these projects are normally BAC's payments and each project will vary in reward, but anything between £25 and £100 is most common.

Payment normally hits your bank account within 2 weeks of the study closing, often sooner - I have had funds the next day in the past!

This is a decent research platform, it won't have as many projects on the go as some of it's competitors, but they are normally well planned projects, often for well known companies.

They tend to not want people who have done lots of recent market research projects recently. I think they want to avoid participants who take a large number of projects on, and may actually not be massively suitable for the studies, but give the researchers the right answers, possibly not truthful ones, in order to get on a paid study!


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