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The December £5/£6 Co-op Freezer Deal Is Now Available

The latest Co-op 'Freezer Deal' is now live in your local Co-op store.

The latest Co-op 'Freezer Deal' is now live in your local Co-op store.

This freezer deal is £6 for non-members and £5 for members. Membership costs £1, so it's worth spending that £1 to grab better deals. This offer is valid until the 12th of December 2023 when purchasing all five products in one transaction: Co-op Battered Onion Rings - 454g Birds Eye 4 Chicken Burgers with Golden Wholegrain - 200g McCain Lightly Spiced Potato Wedges - 650g Birds Eye Garden Peas - 375g Cadbury Caramel Ice Cream Tub - 480ml Usually, buying all these items together would set you back £13.60, so it's a £8.60 saving off the normal RRP when bought separately for members and £7.60 for non-members.

If you have a Co-op membership card and get to choose which offers you'd like to add to your card, check to see if any of the offer choices are from the same manufacturer as the freezer deal, as sometimes there may be an offer for say 50p off any McCain's product and you find the freezer offer has a McCain's product within the offer, you can then deal stack the freezer deal and your 50p off offer for even more discount, plus if you are a student you can grab 10% off the offer using your student discount card!

Cheddar cashback users can earn 1% cash back at Co-op stores automatically, so that's another saving as well!

Be aware that Co-op stores aren't all the same! The Co-op is split into different regions, and different stores have different offers, even though they may be in the same town, as I've found out by experience!

Some stores may be offering the freezer deal; others may not. Some stores may be participating in the member's pricing scheme; others may not.

I've found in my town, which has two Co-op stores, that one does offer the freezer deal but doesn't offer the members pricing membership pricing, so I can't get the freezer deal for £5; I have to pay £6. The other store does offer the membership deals but doesn't actually do the freezer deal, so you can't win in Aldershot! I have found that a store in Farnborough, which is about 5 minutes away, accepts the membership card and also does the freezer deal, so if I'm going that way, I'll grab the offer there! It's very annoying but what can you do!? Obviously, a deal is only a deal if you're actually going to use everything that comes with it, and these types of deals won't always suit everyone, but for my family, which includes a picky 6-year-old boy, having these types of products in the freezer can really help on this days when we need to eat fast, and when they work out at just £1 each, it's a cheap way to feed the family as well, although there will always be healthier alternatives! Subject to availability, varieties as stocked. The offer can be redeemed either online or in-store while stocks last. If your local store isn't currently offering delivery, consider using Deliveroo, as they deliver from most Co-op stores.

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