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The Supermarket Easter Veg War Is Now On!

As the hours tick down to Easter, the supermarkets are doing everything they can to get you into their stores to spend your Easter food cash with them rather than a rival!

The 15p Easter vegetable reductions start from 26/27th March and end between 31st March and 3rd April

As the hours tick down to Easter, the supermarkets are doing everything they can to get you into their stores to spend your Easter food cash with them rather than a rival!

Cheap Veg!

A big tactic used by the supermarkets is the annual veg war, at Easter and even more so at Christmas, with supermarkets reducing the price of your favourite Easter lunch veggies down to loss-leading, super cheap bargains, and this year is no different!

Most supermarkets are offering potatoes, carrots, parsnips, swede and cabbage for 15p. Each supermarket chain is offering slightly different additional items at a reduced rate as well, with products such as onions, broccoli, garlic, and beans for 15p as well. As I write this, only Morrisons is at a 19p price point for vegetables; everyone else seems to be 15p.

Most of the cheap veg is available when you scan your Supermarket loyalty card in-store, so you'll need to have a loyalty card to make sure you don't miss out on the bargain process!

Check pack sizes, as not all deals are like for like as pack sizes can differ, for example, Tesco carrots are 800g for 15p, and most other stores as 1kg for 15p. At these prices, it is not likely to make a massive difference financially, but it is still worth considering!

When are the cheap Easter vegetable deals live?

Lidl - 26th March to 3rd April Asda - 26th March to 2nd April

Tesco - 26th March to 1st April

Sainsbury's - 27th March to 31st March Aldi - 26th March to 30th March

Morrisons - 26th March - 1st April

Why are the supermarkets offering veggies at below-cost prices? It's simply a way to get you into their stores. They hope that if you are going to be coming in to buy your cheap veg from them, you'll also then buy the rest of your Easter needs as well, such as your chocolate eggs, popular Easter lunch items such as lamb or beef and that's much more profitable to them, so its better to lose a few pence on your veg, but make pounds on the rest of your Easter goodies, its good for business!

One point on their cheap veg is that when you see these veggies as yellow sticker bargains, as supermarkets look to clear out the veg before they get stuck with it after Easter, the retailers reduce down the price of that clearance item at the normal price, not the loyalty card price, and so if those carrots are normally 50p per pack, and they knock 50% off, meaning you pay 25p, that's actually more expensive than paying the loyalty card price of between 15p and 19p, so might end up paying more for a yellow sticker pack, than a fresher pack, so check those prices!

If you haven't already bought your Easter food, it's likely too late to get a food delivery now, so you'll have to go into an actual store. If so, don't forget to use a gift card cashback app such as JamDoughnut to earn some cashback to keep your prices lower; I got over £6 back on my food shop using JamDoughnut, so it's very worthwhile! You can download the JamDoughnut app HERE if you don't already have it, and if you use our referral code of PPUK, you'll get a £2 bonus to get you started!

You can find our favourite cashback apps we think you should be using in our previous blog post.

The veggies will last a while, and so why not stock up with some extra for some cheap meals for the next few weeks. You can par-cook veg like potatoes, parsnips and most other veg, and then freeze them for another day. They'll last several months that way.

A great Instagram channel for follow is The Full Freezer, and the person behind the account, Kate Hall, offers some amazing tips on ways to extend the life of your veg (and many other items) and shows you how to freeze anything you're not going to use in time, properly.

Kare also has a book called The Full Freezer Method: Five Steps to Transform How You Shop, Cook & Live, which is an invaluable guide on how to maximise your freeze and minimise food wastage, and is certainly a book I'd recommend!


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