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TV Licence Cost Set To Rise This April Says BBC..

The cost of the annual television licence fee will increase from £154.50 to £157.50 from April 1, the BBC has said.

The cost of the annual television licence fee will increase from £154.50 to £157.50 from April 1, the BBC has said.

The new licence fee works out as £3.02 a week or £13.13 a month. The price change will not have an impact on the free over-75s TV licence.

The BBC provides the UK with 9 national TV channels plus regional programming, as well as 10 national radio stations, 40 local radio stations, news and sport websites, and the iPlayer, which allows you to watch programming online and on your TV, if you have a smart TV.

The news comes days after the BBC announced plans axe to 450 jobs across its organisation to save £80million, mainly by trimming the BBC's news output and making changes to the news and BBC radio stations.

A television licence is required for each household where television programmes are watched or recorded as they are broadcast, irrespective of the signal method (terrestrial, satellite, cable or the Internet).

As of September 2016, users of BBC iPlayer must also have a television licence in order to watch on-demand television content from the service.

As of 1 April 2017, after the end of a freeze that began in 2010, the price of a licence may now increase to account for inflation.

As it is classified in law as a tax, evasion of licence fees is a criminal offence. 204,018 people were prosecuted or fined in 2014 for TV licence offences: 173,044 in England, 12,536 in Wales, 4,905 people in Northern Ireland and 15 in the Isle of Man.

The licence fee is used almost entirely to fund BBC domestic radio, television and internet services. The money received from the fee represents approximately 75% of the cost of these services, with most of the remainder coming from the profits of BBC Studios, a commercial arm of the corporation which markets and distributes its content outside of the United Kingdom, and operates or licences BBC-branded television services and brands.

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