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Who Fancies Some Free Brownies?

Free £5 Vive Credit = 4 Healthier Brownies

Vive, the healthier snack company, are offering a £5 discount off your first order, when using our special referral link. The £5 discount will grab you 4 of the companies, 'Better Brownies' for FREE, (The pack of 4 is £5), you just pay the £1.99 shipping fee. (If you spend £20 or more, then delivery is free).

From Vive: A fudgy, decadent and smooth brownie centre made with silky cashew butter and enrobed in rich Belgian chocolate. Each flavour has their own unique taste and texture from crunchy almonds to chewy fruit pieces. You'll certainly find the brownie that's better for you.
If that wasn't enough, our brownies are packed with punchy plant proteins and immunity boosting vitamins. Indulgent snacking has finally been reVived.

The £5 deal is stating that you need to spend over £10 to get the £5 off, however I've tried it out, and it worked just fine on the £5 brownies, I just paid the P&P, so don't hang around if you want to grab the deal!

You don't have to buy the brownies, the £5 is yours to put towards spending on whatever you want on the Vive website, I just chose the brownies, as they were £5, and I didn't want to pay more.... tight I know, but I am the Penny Pincher after all!

Just use our Referral link, select your products and then once you get to the payment page, the £5 will have magically come off your bill!


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