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Discover The World Of The Wonky Bread Box | Earth & Wheat

Rescue perfectly edible (wonky) bread, veggies and vegetables from landfill, using this fab Wonky food subscription service.

Discover how factory seconds bread products can help save food waste and fill your tummies!

Discover how factory seconds, wonky bread products can help save food waste and fill your tummies!

Earth & Wheat are the Uk's first wonky bread box supplier! They gather fresh bread from UK bakeries that the baker's regular customers may reject, often due to the products being the wrong size and shape, don't meet a customers appearance standards or due to excess stock being produced, and they send out wonky bread boxes, full of tasty fresh bread straight to your door, with free delivery.

It's a great concept, these wonky warriors gather up bread that would typically go to waste, and you get delivered at a reasonable price, all the while knowing that you are enjoying good food and a great alternative to extra food waste!

You can choose a flexible subscription with a weekly or fortnightly delivery or a single purchase box (more on this later), which is excellent as you may not get through a whole box a week (Each box is around 2kg of bread items as a minimum), so it allows you to spread the deliveries out. All the bread is fresh, and so can be frozen.

I have, of course, tried out the service, as I do for the majority of the products and services I recommend, and I can confirm it's really good!

Over the course of several deliveries, I have received a selection of the below products. They alternate from delivery to delivery, so you don't always have the things every time, which is nice.

I've had:

Corn Tortilla Wraps

Mini wraps, various flavours, including garlic and tomato, as well as the original varieties

Signature flatbreads

Wholemeal Wraps


Naan bread

A combination of crumpets

Pitta breads, including normal and wholemeal pitta

All of them have arrived in perfect condition and, as advertised, and what we can't eat straight away, we always freeze, so we have bread as and when needed which is really handy.

Grab wonky bread products from the first UK wonky bread box supplier - Earth & Wheat

For every box ordered, Earth & Wheat also donate a meal to UK food banks to help fight food poverty, so that's a pretty generous gesture by the company and a good indication of the brand's values, showing they have innovative ways to help food waste reduction and those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Earth & Wheat's mission is that every box you rescue helps save the planet, rescuing around 3240 litres of fresh water and 3053 grams of CO2 from going to waste, and why the company uses the tag "The first wonky fresh-bread box that helps save our planet."

As a consumer, being able to stop or pause the service is essential; I have tested many a subscription basis service, and sometimes the companies make it hard to cancel or pause a service, which I find to be annoying and does not always give the best experience; however, I'm pleased to say, you can easily pause or cancel your Earth & Wheat customer subscriptions at any time, so you aren't stuck in a never-ending subscription service, which is reassuring.

It's not just the one Wonky bread box available; Earth & Wheat actually offer three different varieties.

The Essential Box - Priced at £6.99

The Essential Box - Priced at £7.99

This gets you an assorted box with a selection of the following products, and weighs between 1.5kg and 2kg

Crumpets Tortilla wraps Folded Flatbreads Pitta Naan or other flatbread

The Variety Box - Priced at £8.99

The Variety Box - Priced at £8.99

This gets you an assorted box with a selection of the following products, and weighs between 2.5kg and 3kg



Tortilla Wraps

Sliced Focaccia or Folded Flatbreads

Naan or other flatbreads & Pitta

This is the box I order, and I get a box every 2 weeks. You can change the schedule of the box to suit your preference.

The Artisan Box - Priced at £18.99

The Artisan Box - Priced at £18.99

This gets you an assorted box with a selection of premium products:

  • 1x 600g Sourdough loaf

  • 4x White Rolls

  • 2x Muffins (Blueberry, chocolate or apple crumble)

  • 2x Croissants

  • 2x pastries (Pain au chocolat or pain au raisin)

This one is a bit more expensive but is really good. We get one of these every so often as a treat; we particularly like the rolls; they are really nice! I would happily buy a box of just those!

I got my first box at a discount, and as an opening offer, you can grab £3 off for new users via their referral scheme. You can grab the £3 using our referral LINK

Earth & Wheat also offers a wonky veg box service, which is a good alternative to the very popular OddBox veg box service, helping the company on its way to being a one-stop wonky food market, and there are two options, and they offer a selection of wonky or overproduced fruit and vegetables, with the Essentials box for £13.25 and the variety box for £15.99. You can order for delivery weekly or fortnightly and contain a selection of the vegetables available that week, and they do change fairly frequently.

I've bought one of these, and as with all these types of veg boxes, you will save more money by buying fruit and veg from your local supermarket; however, it's a fab way to ensure that wonkier fruit and veg don't go to waste, helps out a small business, and actually, the vegetables supplied were really good, so I think it's worth the little extra in price!

Earth & Wheat Variety Vegetable Box

Earth & Wheat Variety Vegetable Box

Earth and Wheat Essentials Vegetable Box

Earth and Wheat Essentials Vegetable Box

Not everyone wants a subscription service, of course, and Earth & Wheat have now accommodated this by adding a single purchase option, where you can order just one box as and when you want one. It's slightly more expensive, 50p extra per box, but it does mean you can order adhoc and grab a box as little or as often as you like, or you can send one to your friends or family if you want.

I got my first box at a discount, and so can you! New users can grab £3 off their first box using our referral code.

To sum up, is it cheaper than buying in a supermarket? The answer is probably not, but what you are buying here is not just bread or vegetables; you're helping to reduce food waste, as well as helping feed people in need, thanks to Earth and Wheat donating a box for every box sold, and for me, that's worth the extra money, and as I really the products, it's a no brainer for me!

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