£1.00 Off Your First Wonky Bread Box!

Updated: Jun 23

Wonky Bread Box Saving

Earth & Wheat are a Wonky Bread supplier! They gather up fresh bread, that may be rejected by the baker's normal suppliers, often due to the products being the wrong size and shape, or due to excess stock being produced, and every Wednesday send you a box of tasty bread, straight to your door!

The concept is pretty simple, they gather up bread that would normally go to waste, and you get delicious bread at a great price, all the while knowing that you are helping fight food waste!

You can choose a weekly or fortnightly delivery, which is great as you may not get through a whole box a week (Each box is 2kg of bread products), so allows you to spread the deliveries out. All the bread is fresh and so can be frozen!

I have of course tried out the service, as I do for the majority of the products and services I recommend, and I can confirm it's really good!

I received:

Corn Tortilla Wraps

Wholemeal Wraps



Wholemeal Pitta

All of which arrived in fab condition and, as advertised very fresh! The Focaccia made fab lunchtime sandwiches, the corn tortillas were fab for our Mexican Night, and were used with Mexican style chicken and veggies and were super soft and yummy. A few of the crumpets have been enjoyed for brekkie, and will I'm sure over the coming days! Everything else is in the freezer, and will be used in the coming days.

The service costs £7.00 per delivery. We've gone with the fortnightly delivery service, as the bread will last us a couple of weeks, and so is costing us £3.50 a week going forward, which is pretty reasonable!

I got my first box at a discount, and as an opening offer, they are currently offering £1 off, for new users. Use this LINK to take advantage of the saving.

For every box ordered, they also donate a meal to UK food banks to help fight food poverty, so thats a pretty decent generous gesturee by the company, and also the company claims that every box you rescue helps to save our planet, rescuing around 3240 litres of fresh water and 3053 grams of CO2 from going to waste, and why the company use the tag "The first wonky fresh-bread box that helps saves our planet"

As a consumer, being able to stop or pause the service is important, I have tested many a subscription service, and sometimes the companies make it really hard to cancel or pause a service, which I find to be really annoying, and does leave me with a negative feeling, however, I'm pleased to say, you can easily pause or cancel your Earth & Wheat subscription at any time, so you aren't stuck in a never ending subscription service, which is re-assuring, however I have no doubt that our family will be enjoying this service for months to come!