Christmas Supermarket Shopper - 8 Week Project - £250 Reward

Updated: Nov 12, 2019


Age Group 25-55 Mainly online –Open to those living in London and the South East

We are looking supermarket shoppers - all to be hosting or co-hosting Christmas Dinner or a large family gathering Xmas Day or Boxing Day for this project and you must be planning to play an active role in the planning and shopping for Christmas

We are looking for males and females either with children aged under 18 living at home or empty nesters i.e. kids aged 18+ who have left home

Respondents must have smart phone / wifi and be able to download our client’s app, take a video and take pictures and upload themHow it works:  Shoppers will be set tasks ranging from shopping missions to ad reviews, you will report back via the online app using video, photographs, text and bespoke templates. This should take around 1 hour per week over a period of 8 weeks


1st task emailed out Friday 8th November emailed completed by 12 noon Wed that week 13th   Nov Then tasks set each following Friday to be completed as follows Week 2 – task Set 15th  Nov returned by 20th Nov Week 3 – task set 22nd Nov returned by 27th Nov Week 4 – task set 29th Nov returned by 4th Dec Week 5 – task set 6th   Dec returned by 11th Dec Week 6 – task set 13th Dec returned by 20th Dec Week 7 – task set 20th Dec returned by 24th Nov No tasks set during Christmas week Week 8 – task set 3rd Jan returned by 8th Jan Incentive for the fully completed project £250 paid by BACS If you would like to register your interest in this project please refer to PROJECT SUPERMARKET in your email subject box and email us at with ALL of the following information Full Name:   Age: Tel: Gender:   Ethnicity: Working status e.g. ft, pt, non-working etc Job Title:   Industry:   Occupation of chief income earner if this is not you: If you were not born in the UK how long have you been resident here:

Where do you live and postcode please:-

What is your current family situation?

Family (children living at home) Empty Nester (no kids / kids left home Married/cohabitating – pre family Single income pre family

How old are your children?

1.  Are you responsible or share responsibility for the family’s grocery shopping decisions in the household?

Yes No

2. Will you be buying Christmas grocery items this year?

a. YES, I will be buying Christmas food and drinks this year (party food/meat or veggie mains/desserts/drinks/mince pies etc.) but I’m not cooking the Christmas day meal b. YES, I am hosting a big Christmas meal I’ll be buying for (i.e. Christmas day/boxing day including buying a turkey) c. NO, I’m going away / going to family / don’t really buy much specific Christmas food / don’t celebrate Christmas

3. Which supermarket do you do your.... a. Main grocery shop in i.e you spend the majority of your grocery budget in this supermarket

b. Do top-up grocery shops in weekly/a couple of times a month and spend at least £10 buying groceries (excluding non-food special offers/alcohol)

Do top-up grocery shops in weekly/a couple of times a month and spend at least £10 buying groceries (excluding non-food special offers/alcohol)

4. If you shop at Aldi either regularly or occasionally please let us know which of the following statements you agree with:-

a. I plan to continue to buy lots of food from Aldi this Christmas b. I plan to continue to top-up in Aldi this Christmas and do not have negative views on topping up in Aldi for Christmas c. None of the above

5. Please let us know which of the following statements you agree with below:-

a. I really enjoy Christmas b. I like to buy gifts for others for Christmas c. I like cooking / trying new recipes / buying Christmas food d. I have a set budget for Christmas and try to stick to it e. I use a savings scheme / put money aside for Christmas f. I look for deals / promotions / vouchers from supermarkets g. I know how much I want to spend on each person as a gift h. I use credit cards to help pay for Christmas i. I like to look through Christmas brochures / magazines to get ideas for the food/gifts I will be buying j. I look online / social media for ideas / inspiration for Christmas gifts / food / drinks k. I may make a list but quite often end up leaving it later than I planned l. Next year I would like to be more organised for Christmas

6. Do you or anyone in your household have any kind of specific dietary requirement that influences the way they eat and drink? By this I mean a vegan diet, chronic health condition, food intolerances / allergies, religious beliefs or weight loss diets that restrict what you can eat or drink rather than what you want to eat?”

Yes and I will not be buying any meat or Turkey for Christmas Yes,  we have Vegans/Vegetarians in the family but I will still be buying some meat/Turkey for the rest of the family for Christmas No

7. a. Are you happy to download an App that our client will send you to be downloaded onto your Smartphone? b. Would you be happy to take and video and pictures and upload them to the app when necessary?