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Yellow Sticker Finds - 30th October 2020

This is my haul of goodies from 30th October. I was somewhat reserved on what I bought, mainly due to a lack of freezer room at the moment! I could have bought a lot more, as there was plenty of yellow sticker deals to be had, and weirdly not a lot of people in the store to grab a deal! Normally there are around 30 people waiting for the deals to go on display, and this time there were only around 6, so maybe there was something good on the telly!?

With the new lockdown due this week, I'm pleased we have a full freezer, as although I know the supermarkets are still going to be open, for obvious reasons I want to have to go shopping as little as often...

On this trip I managed to grab:

2x Chicken breast fillets @ 22p - Normal cost £4.20

1x Turkey thigh mince @ 17p - Normal cost £3.25

1x Mango & passion fruit cheesecake @ 20p - Normal cost £4.00

Total paid this trip - £0.59 - Normal price - £11.45 - Total saved £10.86

I have put everything in the freezer for a later date. The cheesecake may well end up on the table on Christmas day, Or Boxing day, unless we get the munchies beforehand...

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