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Ziffit - Sell Your Unwanted Books

Free Higgidy Slice!

Ziffit is another way to get rid of your unwanted bits and bobs, cluttering up the house. You can trade in your Books, Games, DVDs and CD, (They are unable to accept PC games), and can only accept books that have an ISBN number.

Free collection, or drop off is an added bonus for this selling method, after all having to pay to ship the books to get your payment is probably going to remove any profitability from the transaction! So the idea is that you enter the barcode or ISBN from your item into the Ziffit website, and this will then tell you what they will pay you for for it. Unless you have a first edition of a super famous novel, don't expect to earning a lot! ( If you do have a first copy of super famous novel, I suggest getting it appraised professionally!) It's far from unheard of to offered as low as 1p for your item, or you may not be offered anything for it at all, but you may well be offered a few pence/pounds, and short of taking the item to the charity shop, it's probably better than throwing it in the bin! You do need to take into account, that there is a £5, or 10 item minimum, in order to be able to complete your transaction. Once you accept the 'trade' you then box the items up and arrange collection, or drop off the parcel, and then once Ziffit has checked the items over, and are happy with the condition of them, you be sent your payment, which is normally by bank transfer, or PayPal.

It's a decent way to earn a little extra cash, but it's always worth trying your luck listing the items on Facebook Marketplace, or similar first, as you may get more money, however if you are looking for a quick way to potentially get rid of a bulk amount of items, which little hassle, this is definitely well worth giving a whirl!


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