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We have teamed up with Karma Cashback to offer this EXCLUSIVE competition, with £1500 of prizes! 

That's right, the lovely folks at Karma Cashback have been super generous and are giving you the chance to win:


One of 200x £5 Sainsbury's vouchers with one lucky entrant winning a £500 Sainsbury's voucher, which should keep you topped up with groceries this Spring!

How can I win? 

Here's how it works; all you need to do is enter your name and email address below, and then you will be taken to the Karma Cashback app download page. From there, download the app and register (all free), and then you will automatically be entered into the draw.

Once the competition ends on the 14th of May, the first 200 names submitted will win the £5 Sainsbury's voucher, which will be applied to your Karma cashback account to spend. Karma Cashback will then select one lucky entrant to win the £500 Sainsbury's voucher, which will be applied to your Karma Cashback account... It's that easy! 

You need to download the app to enter, (and don't delete it otherwise we can't award you your prize, as we apply the prize to your Karma Cashback account!), but there is no requirement to make any purchases either now, or in the future, but you might want to check out the app to discover up to 19.5% cashback from 22,000 UK retail outlets!

Enter Now!

Terms and Conditions

1. The Promotion is run by The Penny Pincher & Karma Technologies International Ltd (Karma), the creator of Karma Cashback. Karma’s address is Third Floor 126-134 Baker Street London, W1U 6UE United Kingdom and any correspondence relating to this promotion should be addressed to

2. The Promotion is open to all new Karma Cashback app users registered between 7th to 14th of May 2022.


Eligibility to enter

3. The user must have not previously completed the registration process and not already have a verified Karma Cashback account.

4. App registration details must include the legal first name and last name of the user.

5. The 200 £5 prizes will be selected from the first 200 app downloads. The £500 prize winner will be chosen from all entries /app downloads made

6. Only users who downloaded and registered on the Karma Cashback app from 7th to 14th of May 2022 are qualified and eligible to enter

7. The Karma Cashback  decision is final in regards to the winners selections.

8. No purchase required to enter, must app must be downloaded and registered. 

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