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Hello, my name is Al Baker, and I'm 'The Penny Pincher'

Hello there! My name is Al Baker, also known as the Penny Pincher.

I've been where you are - experiencing extreme debt due to the collapse of my business. It left me with hundreds of thousands of pounds of personal liability debt and eventually led me to file for bankruptcy in 2017.

I know firsthand how financial destitution can take a toll on your health and mental well-being, which is why I created The Penny Pincher Blog. Through this platform, I share tried and tested ways to save money and make a little extra income to ease the pressure during tough times.

As a yellow sticker expert, I've saved over £20,000 by living off of yellow sticker discounts. My background as a code checker responsible for these discounts in a supermarket and my involvement in the food waste app in-store production have given me a unique perspective on reducing food waste and its impact on those in debt.

I'm thrilled to have been featured in the press and on TV, and I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience to help others improve their financial situation.

Browse my blog for tips on saving money, taking advantage of promotions, and general financial advice.

The Penny Pincher Website is my online blog where I aim to help people to boost their finances using tried and tested Side Hustles.

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