About Me...

My name is Al and I'm the Penny Pincher, and here's my story..

In 2013, I was someone that was on the top of the world. I had a booming business and all was going amazingly well. Fast forward 18 months and the business had fallen to it's knees.


I had stupid amounts of personal guarantee debts that were being called in, I had virtually no money, bailiffs at the door and letter after letter dropping through my letterbox, as well as angry phone calls from people wanting money.


It was the most horrible time of my life, my mental health was decimated and I had no idea what to do.


I took advice, I hoped for the best, but ultimately, had no choice and I went bankrupt. It was the lowest point of my life, but also a wake up call in regards to money and priorities.


The bankruptcy stopped all the business debt issues, but meant that I had very little in the way of spare money coming in. I began looking at ways to earn extra money and to be more frugal with what money I did have.


So my blog is my guide of the apps, websites and general side hustles I used, and continue to use, to keep my head above water.


You are going to find a selection of tried and tested ways to save money, by using the more frugal websites and services, that keep spending as low as possible.


There are also articles, blog posts & recommendations of services I've come across that I think are well worth a mention.

Basically it's information, I think, might help people who are in the position I've been in, and people who just need ideas and help to stay financially buoyant in these tough times...

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