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Could Your Clutter Top Up Your Bank Account By £100? Take The £100 Challenge & Find Out!

Could your clutter be worth £100?

As a way of making a few extra pounds and getting rid of some clutter, you may want to look at selling your excess books, games, CD's and DVD's and rather than going through the time-consuming process of going through the regular selling sites or Facebook Marketplace etc., it could be an excellent time to take a look at a new campaign from WeBuyBooks, who are running a '£100 challenge'.

The £100 challenge is to show people they could make £100 from selling their books, CD's, DVD's and video games to help boost their finances and stretch their budget, which in these difficult times is no bad thing! The challenge to earn an extra £100 involves collecting unwanted books from your collection, friends and family, free sites, charity shops, marketplaces and car boot sales and then selling them to WeBuyBooks, where they will be rehomed or recycled responsibly.

To help everyone beat the challenge, the service offers a 15% code to add 15% extra cash onto offers to help you get to the £100 faster! The code is WBB100CHALLENGE. They also have a money multiplier, the services sell more, and make more scheme where when the amount you are offered for your excess bits and bobs reaches £25, an extra 5% is added, and another 5% is added when the total reaches £50, so when combined means you could be getting a 25% bonus!

I got rid of a load of my old DVD's recently, as they take up space and simply don't get used, as I have streaming subscriptions, (expensive but still cheaper than buying new DVD's every month!), and were just gathering dust, so I sold a few on eBay and then gave the rest to a charity shop, as I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of listing them on eBay and posting them out when they sold, which wasn't for a lot of money!

This service eliminates the hassle of getting rid of your bits and bobs as you simply go to the website or app and go to 'sell my items' and type or scan the ISBN or barcode of your item. You will then be offered a valuation for the item, which you can accept or reject, (if you think you can sell it privately for more). Once you have added all the things you want to sell and have your total valuation, you are given a free post label and send them all to the service (they even collect for free). The service will then check the items, and if all is well (they need to be in a reasonable condition and have their cases etc.), they will send you payment within one working day.

Could your clutter be worth £100?

I wish I had used the service as it's a much easier way to get rid of bulk items, and with the current £100 challenge, it's a great way to incentivise us all to clear the clutter and top up the bank account, and I know I've got more DVD's and books that I would like to clear out, so what better time!

You can find out all the info on the WeBuyBooks website


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