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These Are The Dates To Book To Maximise Your 2023 Annual Leave!

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How To Maximise Your Annual Leave In 2023! 🏝

Now I know it's only August, the kids are still out of school, and you may be on holiday or at least enjoying the warmer days, but it won't be long before normality ensues, and its dark, cold and a tad depressing, and so your mind might be starting to think about next year and booking time off work.

We all value our time away from work, so here are the dates to book off work to maximise your annual leave in 2023! Assuming you don't work bank holidays and weekends, and I'm aware many do, but assuming you don't, here's how to grab 47 days off work, using only 19 days of annual leave!

April 2023

Take four days off prior to Good Friday and Easter Monday and enjoy a ten-day break, including the Weeknd of the 1st and 2nd of April.

Monday, April 3rd

Tuesday, April 4th

Wednesday, April 5th

Thursday, April 6th

Good Friday is the 7th, then it's the weekend and then Easter Monday, so you return on the 11th of April.

May 2023

Take four days off after the Early May Bank Holiday on the 1st of May, giving you nine days off work, including weekends.

Tuesday, May 2nd

Wednesday, May 3rd

Thursday, May 4th

Friday, May 5th

Back to work on Monday, May the 8th

May/June 2023

Two days off at the end of May, after the Spring Bank Holiday and another two at the start of June will give you nine consecutive days off, including weekends.

Tuesday, May 30th

Wednesday, May 31st

Thursday, June 1st

Friday, June 2nd

Back to work on the 5th of June.

August/September 2023

Booking off four days after the August Bank Holiday will give you 9 days off work, including weekends.

Tuesday, August 29th

Wednesday, August 30th

Thursday, August 31st

Friday, September 1st

Back to work on September the 4th.

December 2023

Assuming you have to work Christmas Eve, If you take three days off work after Boxing Day, this will give you ten days away from work, including weekends.

Wednesday, December 27th

Thursday, December 28th

Friday, December 29th

You will then return back to work on Tuesday the 2nd of December.

If you are in UK locations with different bank holiday dates, e.g. Scotland, then this guide won't be as relevant, but certainly, for England, this will be accurate.

If you have school-aged children, check with your school holiday times, as these don't always match with the best time to maximise your annual leave sadly, plus many holiday companies also know when you are likely to maximise your leave, and so often prices may increase accordingly, so it may not the best time financially to book leave, as you may save a chunk of change by booking at other times of the year, but if these factors don't affect you, book your time off quickly, before your colleagues see this post and nip in and book the time off, meaning you can't!

Don't forget to send me a postcard, Bon Voyage!


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