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20 Cogs - Earn Cash Via Offers And Cash Back Offers

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

20 Cogs is a way of earning money by completing Competitions, Offers, Gaming and Surveys and getting cash back on offers.

How it works is simple, complete the tasks, follow the instructions and in return 20 Cogs will reward you with money paid into your 20 Cogs account, which you can then withdraw once they become available, which can take a few weeks.

The deals can vary in quantity and payback amounts, but a recent example was signing up for a Which Magazine. You were offered £12.50 cash back to join Which for 99p. As long as you cancelled in the first month then no further subscriptions would be taken and you then got the £12.50 as cash back. Pretty simple and there are cash bonuses just for signing up.

Payouts can be made via BACS or PayPal. It can take a few weeks for the cash to become available to withdraw, but that's pretty much the norm with cash back sites.


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