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Yellow Sticker Finds - 23rd September 2020

This is my yellow sticker haul from Wednesday 23rd September 2020. This purchase consisted of:

1x Large pack of chicken breasts @ 50p - Normal cost £9.99

1x Chicken Korma ready meal (Not pictured) @ £1.05 - Normal cost £3.50

1x Fillet steak @ 29p - Normal cost £5.70

1x Rib Eye steak @ 22p each - Normal cost £4.32

2x Mary berry lemon cake @ 7p each - Normal cost £2.50

Total paid this trip - £2.20 - Normal price - £26.01 - Total saved £23.81

Everything apart from the cakes, from this shop went in to the freezer and will be used over the coming weeks for family meals

I picked up these items from the supermarket where I am currently working part time. All items, as per normal, were purchased after having been on display, and not purchased by customers, after the store had closed. I always think it important to mention this, as many people have expressed concern that others may not have had an opportunity to purchase the items I bought. I ensure others have the opportunity to take advantage of deals, and if buying while the store is still open, ( I may finish work before the store closes), I will always ensure that I leave products on the shelf, not take everything, so that others have the opportunity to grab a bargain as well. #Sharingiscaring

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