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Yellow Sticker Finds - 30th September 2020

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

This is my yellow sticker haul from Wednesday 30th September 2020. This purchase consisted of:

2x Butchers bacon @ 19p - Normal cost £3.75

2x Quarter burger burgers @ 36p - Normal cost £7.00

2x Butchers minced beef @ 66p - Normal cost £13.11

2x Butchers sausages @ 26p - Normal cost £4.86

2x Bakery croissants @ 10p - Normal cost £2.00

2x Bakery Pain Au Chocolat @ 10p - Normal cost £2.00

2x Dwarf beans @ 10p - Normal cost £2.00

Total paid this trip - £1.67 - Normal price - £34.72 - Total saved £33.05

Everything went into the freezer, for later use. I split down the mince into 4 separate packs, so that doubled the number of meals we will get from this, making the mince just under 17p per meal.

The bakery items will come in handy for a quick breakfast, as they tend to defrost in under 30 miunsutes, or can be defrosted in the oven, in much less time, and of course that results in that just baked taste and smell!


I picked up these items from the supermarket where I am currently working part time. All items, as per normal, were purchased after having been on display, and not purchased by customers, after the store had closed. I always think it important to mention this, as many people have expressed concern that others may not have had an opportunity to purchase the items I bought. I ensure others have the opportunity to take advantage of deals, and if buying while the store is still open, ( I may finish work before the store closes), I will always ensure that I leave products on the shelf, not take everything, so that others have the opportunity to grab a bargain as well. #Sharingiscaring


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