Morrison's Have A 'Sweet Deal' Until 22nd September..

Morrison's Supermarket, are offering a buy 4 for £5 deal on selected boxes of chocolates and sweets, until 22nd September 2020.

The boxes of yumminess normally retail for between £2 and £3 each, and so by grabbing the more expensive items, you could be saving £7, based on 4 boxes normally costing you £12!

Obviously a deal is only ever a deal, if you actually what the items to start with, however with Christmas now in our mind, being we are already half way through September, this deal could be a worthwhile investment , or frankly, you may just fancy stocking up on chocolate, as that's face it, this year has been a nightmare, and we need all the enjoyment we can get right now!

Buy 4 for £5. Order by 22/09/2020, offer subject to availability. Maximum 4 promotional items per customer