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EBay - The Best Known Selling Marketplace

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

EBay is probably the most popular, and famous, way to sell your stuff.

Back in the 'old days', the site was filled with millions of pre owned items, all being sold by members of the public, to clear some room and to make some money.

Nowadays, the site has a huge amount of business sellers, as well as the private sellers, selling all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

This is great as it draws more people to the website, but also is bad as it means that your items may be harder to find, when it's competing with millions of new items from professional sellers.

That said, EBay, with the huge number of people who use the site on a daily basis, is still, most likely, the most efficient way to sell your stuff!

It's not free to sell on EBay, but you may well find some free listing deals that will let you list your items for nothing, which helps, but you will have to pay a fee once you have sold the item and also if you are using PayPal, they will take a cut as well!

The fees can make a dent in your final sale price. Do make sure that if you are going to post your items to the buyer, that you check what it's actually going to cost you before you list it, don't just guess, or you may get a nasty surprise at the Post Office and that can also really hit your profit! Been there, done that!

EBay does have it's own postage buying system, and so you can use this to purchase your postage, rather than having to stand in a long line at the Post Office, and get your parcel weighed and stamped. I certainly recommend this. The pricing is no more expensive than the Post Office, and just make like so much easier.

For heavier parcels, and by this I mean over the maximum standard Royal Mail parcel weight of 2kg, steer clear of the Parcel Force recommending, Post Office for this. Use a site such as Parcel Hero. They offer much better pricing than the Post office, and you will save by purchasing your postage from them, they can also arrange for the parcel to be collected, and lists many different couriers for you to choose from, to deliver your sale to your customer. It can save you a small fortune!


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