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Grab A Free £5 Gift Voucher From LloydsDirect

Echo Pharmacy have now their name to LloydsDirect, but are still offering a FREE £5 gift voucher by simply signing up to their mailing list.

How does it work? You follow this link and then at the top of the page, click on the sign up to newsletter link.

You will be asked to enter your NHS number, if you know it, or enter your name and address, and the system will ask you to confirm your doctors surgery.

At this point you can simply subscribe to the mailing list and you will then receive your £5 reward via email, normally in just a few minutes. You can also sign up your family members, and grab a £5 voucher for each of them as well!

You can, but don't need to, nominate LloydsDirect (Echo), to be your, (online), pharmacy and have LloydsDirect send your prescriptions to your home, free of charge, and this then means you can also then also refer your friends to the service, and you and your friend will both earn a £5 voucher!

I've recently moved to Echo from Pharmacy2go, and my prescriptions are posted out to me, and delivered by Royal Mail, 48 hours later.

There are a wide range of vouchers you can choose from, a selection mentioned below, or you can choose to gift your £5 to the British Heart Foundation, Macmillan Cancer Support or Mind, and LloydsDirect will cover all admin fees, so the charity receives the full amount.:

We will receive a £5 voucher, in addition to you receiving one, which goes towards our operating costs, however we will gift every other voucher to one of the nominated charities, so £5 in every £10 of referral credit we receive will go straight to charity.

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