Grab Cash Back From Airtime Rewards While Out Shopping!

Earn cash back at over 80 UK retailers to help pay your mobile phone bill!

The idea is straightforward, you download the app and sign up to Airtime Rewards, link your debit and credit cards to the app, which is safe and secure, and then every time you purchase from a partnered retailer, you earn cashback automatically, so you don't have to remember to go to a cashback site, it just all happens without you needing to do anything, so is super easy and convenient! The retailer then confirms the transaction with Airtime Rewards, and the cashback is added to your account. The cashback usually takes a few weeks to clear, and this depends on the retailer.

The reason there is a clearing time, and this is the same with most cashback sites (apart from services such as KarmaCashback, where you buy gift cards for the store you are going to buy from and then receive instant cashback), is due to the returns policy of the store.

The retailer doesn't want you going into their store, buying something, them automatically giving you cashback, for you to then return the goods a couple of days later, getting a full refund and then keeping the cashback, so Airtime Rewards have to wait until the return policy on your purchase ends, say 60 days. At this point, the retailer will pay Airtime Rewards, and then Airtime Rewards will allocate your cashback to your account to withdraw.

The app will tell you when the cashback is due to become payable, making it easier to see when you are likely to be in a position to make a withdrawal.

Retailer and retailer cashback offer rates frequently change at the discretion of their retail partners; these can vary due to several factors.

The withdrawal process is a little different from other apps; the withdrawal is used to make a payment towards your mobile phone bill in £10 increments, reducing your phone bill.

The app works alongside most Pay Monthly & Pay as You Go mobile phone providers.

Click HERE to download and register to the Airtime rewards download site to sign up for this app. If you use our referral promo code of Q8FWLDQB, Airtime Rewards will also give you an additional monetary bonus to get you going!

Find out how to sigh up to Airtime Rewards

The service is perfect for anyone with a mobile phone & credit or debit card, be it a student, household goods buyer, or business person, basically, anyone who fancies getting cash back on a purchase they will make anyway. It's a no brainer!

Terms and conditions apply; check the Airtime Rewards App or website for more info.