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Capitalising on Tech-Savvy Kids' Obsessions at Events

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Understanding the Tech World

To effectively engage tech-savvy kids at your event, it's essential to stay abreast of current trends and craze in the tech world. Today, we live in an age of smartphones, virtual reality headsets, drones and social media platforms. Kids love keeping up with these technologies via games, apps and gadgets, so staying in the know about these trends will create a more immersive event experience for them. Understanding the language, interests and platforms they frequent is the first step toward engaging their interest and making your event successful!

Create an Interactive Experience

To maximise engagement at your event, technology should become part of its fabric. This can be accomplished by setting up VR stations where kids can explore virtual worlds or game booths featuring the latest console and PC games. Utilise popular social media platforms - creating an event hashtag, initiating live tweets or encouraging attendees to post images from Instagram can all further foster interaction among attendees. Hosting hands-on tech workshops like coding or robotics is another effective way of making technology an integral component of an experience rather than an additional attraction. Remember, its aim should be making technology part of an experience rather than an addition!

Hiring Tech vs. Buying: The Economical Choice

Hosts often face the dilemma of whether it is cheaper and more sensible to buy or rent technology for their events. While purchasing gives hosts greater ownership and control, renting can often be more economical and practical. Renting equipment such as VR headsets, gaming consoles, drones, or digital tablets may significantly lower costs - especially if technology trends change quickly and render your investment obsolete. Hiring also removes the hassle of storage post-event and can often provide access to professional tech support from rental companies - meaning your attendees have a stress-free experience while you, as host, remain stress-free! Opting for rentals offers greater flexibility, allowing you to tailor tech offerings according to attendees' interests at each event. VR equipment hire provides you with numerous options that suit all budgets and event types.

Utilise Social Media

A strong presence on social media can make all the difference for any tech event. Not only does it help with event promotion, but it also creates buzz during and post-event. Utilise platforms like Facebook or Instagram to set up event pages dedicated to your event. Use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to update attendees with event-related announcements, share content behind the scenes, and engage attendees. Furthermore, live sessions or webinars on platforms like YouTube or Twitch offer visitors sneak peeks into what awaits them at your event. Social media platforms provide an ideal venue for hosting contests and giveaways that offer special access or privileges at events. Furthermore, attendees should be encouraged to share their experiences using a special event hashtag online - this user-generated content can serve as an effective marketing tool for future events! The goal should be to create an online community that mirrors that of the physical events themselves.


Leveraging the tech obsession of kids at events requires a combination of understanding their interests, creating engaging experiences for them, leveraging social media, and partnering with tech companies. Adopting such an approach allows you to turn technology-obsessed attendees into active participants, thereby increasing the success of your event.


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