ZIPZERO - Get 1% Cashback On ALL Your Shopping Receipts!

This new app, is probably one of our favourites... why, you ask? Because it's so frickin' easy!

Simplicity is the key here, and the concept is just as simple, using the app, you take a photo of all your receipts, from your shopping adventures, upload them and you get awarded with 1% of the receipts value, up to £50 per month, which can then be used to make a payment for one, or you can split it between several, of your monthly essential bills.

You could put the cash back towards, your mobile phone bill, council tax, your gas, electricity, or perhaps your water bill could use a few extra pounds thrown at it, and that's it... see I told you it was easy!

With ZIPZERO you are free to shop and snap your receipts at any merchant. There's no need to change your shopping habits or switch utility providers. Earn cash towards your bills every month by doing what you've already been doing all along!

You only need to sign up with your email address, any data they collect on your purchasing

habits is only used to tailor your shopping experience and present you with personalised offers that let you earn even more cash towards your bills.

All in all, this is a brilliant way to claw back a little extra cash. Get your whole family involved, get them to keep all their receipts and make sure you upload this as well... you will be surprised how quickly the cash back adds up, plus use this in conjunction with the other cash back apps and you can really earn some decent cash back from your shops!

You can download the app from the ZIPZERO website, and it's available for both IOS & Android devices


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