Save Energy & Earn Points With Equiwatt

Equiwatt is a new app designed to help householders in the UK to reduce their energy usage from the comfort of their sofa and reward them for it through points and gifts. Better still, they also help people to do their bit to reduce their environmental footprint.

So how does it work? The app will reward you points for turning off connected domestic appliances, such as fridges, freezers, Tv's, washing machines, etc, during 'Equivents', which are hour long periods, 10 - 12 times a month, designed to limit the amount of power you use, especially during peak times, which will help to reduce Co2 emissions, by reducing the amount of electricity needing to be produced by power plants, which are big Co2 producers.

The idea is that you use a smart plug to plug your appliances into, and then when the Equivent goes live, the app will then turn off the appliance for you, for an hour, (can be set to 30 minutes if you prefer), and you will then be doing your bit for the environment and your electricity bill, and earning points at the same time.

Points are awarded for using less energy during peak time Equivents. The more energy you save, the more points you will earn. Points can be redeemed for rewards or vouchers in the Equiwatt store.

You can register up to 9 household appliances to take part in Equivents. Points are allocated on a constantly changing scale dependent on the level of appliance usage and market conditions. On average they expect every appliance to earn points up to the equivalent value of £5 in rewards every year on the basis that the appliance takes part in the full length of every Equivent.

You don't have to use a smart plug, as there is a manual mode as well, meaning that once you are advised that a Equivent is taking place, you can turn off your appliances manually, and tell the app, and you will still be rewarded points.

You may qualify to receive a free smart plug, direct from Equiwatt. There is an option to apply for one va the app. I did and received a plug, a week or so later

Participants in the scheme are also entered a monthly prize draw to win additional points, with the top prize being 1,500 points.

How does Equiwatt make money? When many houses need to use electricity at the same time, it is known as peak time. Energy at those peak times is both expensive and dirty because stand-by power plants need to be used rather than lower cost renewable sources such as wind. Energy companies operate incentive programmes that pay any initiatives that help to reduce energy usage at peak times. Equiwatt saves energy collectively across its community and passes on your share of energy company incentive payments directly to you as rewards.

It's a novel idea and well worth signing up for, anyway you look at it, you will save money, the savings on your electricity usage will add up over a year, and if you also earn enough points to grab a free Amazon voucher, or enough points to grab a free smart plug, or Amazon Echo Dot, then better still!

You can find out more, and sign up HERE for free