How Can You Grab A Free £50 Cycle Repair Voucher?

Grab a FREE £50 Bicycle Repair Voucher

The Department Of Transport, have a limited number of free vouchers that can be used to put towards the cost of repairing your bicycle, in 2021.

The scheme aims to encourage more people in England to choose cycling as an alternative to private cars, particularly for work and essential journeys while social distancing measures are in place.

The voucher, valid for up to £50 towards the cost of getting your bike safely back on the road, can be applied for online HERE and requires you to set up an online account. Once you have registered, you can then apply for the voucher.

You will be asked a few questions in regards to the condition of your bike, and the reasons for wanting to repair the bike. Once accepted you will be emailed the voucher, which can then be used at one of hundreds of independent, and National bicycle repairers located in England, (The Scheme does not cover Wales, Scotland. and Northern Ireland). You can find your local repairers, who have enrolled in the scheme HERE

The voucher needs to be used within 90 days of you receiving it. Only one voucher can be claimed per person, and although the number of available vouchers isn't specified, there are only a small number available, so ensure you are actually going to use it, before applying, so as to make sure that someone that really needs one, doesn't miss out.

You will need to specify the type of bike you have during the voucher process, make sure you give the correct information as the repairer will cross reference this when booking in your repair. Also ensure you put down your address correctly, as you will need to take valid ID, with your address, when you take your bike to the repair centre.

The following repairs are not Eligible Repairs:

A sale of replacement parts without any repair work. Replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components

Replacement or repair of removable lighting accessories.

Information correct as of 1st April 2021