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FREE Deliveroo Plus Service For Amazon Users, Worth £40!

Free Higgidy Slice!

Amazon Prime users can now grab a year of FREE access to the Deliveroo Plus service, meaning that any order of £25 or more will be delivered free of charge! The service would normally cost £40 per year.

The offer is available now to any Prime account holder and can be linked to any Deliveroo account, but only the 1 account.

The offer comes some 2 years after Amazon were involved in a capital raising initiative for the food delivery service, and can save you a decent amount of money, over the year, if you use Deliveroo on a regular basis, and as Deliveroo also offer a grocery delivery service, as well as restaurant meals, it's a pretty handy service to grab free delivery on!

The deal will give you a years free access to Deliveroo Plus, and WILL NOT auto renew after the year, so you aren't going to get stung with a chargeable subscription, once your year is up!

You can sign up fro the service HERE if you already have an Amazon Prime account.

If you don't have an Amazon prime account, you can sign up for one HERE and can grab a free 30 trial.

If you don't have a Deliveroo account, you can set one up HERE for free, and get £2.50 credit off each of your first 4 orders ( Your credit will be available for 30 days. Minimum order value of £20 to use this credit)

If you wan't to sign up as a driver for Deliveroo, and earn some extra cash, then you can do so HERE


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