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FREE parking for a day with NCP!

Free Natures Variety pet food

NCP are offering car park users, who download their ParkPass app, a FREE days parking at any participating NCP car park!

This offer works using a countdown promotion code – which NCP call a SaverID – that you need to add to a ParkPass App account. Once added, your time to use the SaverID counts down for the rest of that day, after which it expires. (Please keep a note of when you added the SaverID so you know how long you have until the code and your discounted parking period ends)

How do I do this?

  1. Download the ParkPass App and register for an account, if you don’t have one

  2. Add SaverID ‘FREE2’ to your app account which activates the SaverID

  3. You must do this on the day you want to start using the offer – it will expire at the end of the promotional period

  4. You must add the SaverID before you arrive to park

  5. Pay using the app and NCP will discount your parking automatically

Plan ahead and get in early to make the most of your free day. You’ll have the whole day free, that you activate your SaverID on and will need to be out the car park by 23:59 on that day, which could be a substantial saving, we all know how expensive it can be to park in these type of car parks, especially in big cities!, handy if you want to take the kids into London for the school holidays, as an example.

The deal can be used at any NCP car park where the ParkPass is accepted. You can find a list these car parks HERE

The deal ends on 31/08/21


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