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My Friday Night Yellow Sticker Haul!

For the first time in a while, I picked up some yellow sticker bargains the other night. I haven't been buying much for a while, as our freezer is pretty full still, and want to make use of what we have, but some bargains cant be ignored!

I managed to grab:

2x Packs of Croissants for 20p each, normally £2.00 each

2x Packs of mince for 24p each, normally £2.35 each

2x Packs of organic onions for 9p each, normally 85p each

2x Packs of vegetable stewing packs for 9p each, normally £1.00 each

1x Cabbage for 6p, normally 59p

2x Packs of eggs for 45p each, normally £1.80 each

2x Pork joints for £1.60 total, normally £12.89

So in total I paid £3.80 instead of £29.48, saving £25.68, which is a 87% saving

I used one of the pork joints straight away by popping it in the slow cooker overnight and making pulled pork the next morning, (Using the Sauce Shop bbq sauce I got from my recent cash back app Thursday challenge haul), The croissants gave us a couple of mornings breakfast, the veg is either in the fridge or in the onion store, the eggs are going to be used for making some breakfast, egg muffins, for freezing for quick breakfasts during the week and the rest of the meat has been frozen for another day, so not a bad haul...

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