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GBW - Get Paid For Being An Amazon Mystery Shopper

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, and fancy being an Amazon mystery shopper, GBW is a very decent platform for earning/saving some ££

GWB are a mystery shopping platform who offer it's members paid/incentivised mystery shipping assignments in the UK. The assignments vary, it could be going into a retail store and buying age restricted certain items, to see how the staff deal with you, or it could be going into a store and asking questions to see how the salesperson answers, or my favourite, which is mystery shopping Amazon Fresh assignment.

So how do the Amazon Fresh assignments work?

The assignments are split into 2 sections, a pre delivery task, and a post delivery task.

The pre delivery task involves placing an order on the Amazon Fresh website, for either a Amazon Fresh delivery, or a Morrisons Fresh delivery, and adding a selection of products, of your choice, but ensuring that you order something frozen, such as chips, something from the fruit and vegetable department, and something chilled, such as butter, meat, cheese etc. You then screen shot your final order screen, and place your order.

Once you have placed your order you need to answer an online questionnaire, which asks how you found the process, placing your order, and asking for any positive comments, and anything negative. You then upload your screenshot, and a screenshot of your order confirmation screen, and await your delivery. The questionnaire process takes around 5 minutes or so to complete.

The post delivery process involves taking a photo of the condition of the order once it has arrived. You then have a 2nd questionnaire to complete, which ask questions about the condition of products you received, the service received from the delivery person, and your general feeling on how the delivery process went, and you then upload your photo of the goods and then submit the task, and it's done.

The Amazon assignments are split into 2 categories - Amazon Fresh & Morrisons, and each one is performed separately, so 2 different assignments. You place your order, pay for it, and keep the goods. You are then compensated by GBW for your time, by way of a refund of between £25 and £30, depending on the assignment, meaning that a decent chunk of your cost for the goods is refunded to you. You need to spend the minimum of the refund made to you, so for a £30 refund, you need to have placed an order of £30 or more. Bear in mind that free delivery is available on Amazon Fresh orders over £40, so if you don't want to pay a £3.99 delivery charge, it's probably best to spend the £40!

You are able to do an assignment every 2 months, (used to be every month, but this changed during the pandemic in 2020), and so you have the potential to do 6 of these tasks every year, which represents a decent saving of money, for your time, up to £180!

It's worth noting that the refunds are not instant, it takes up to 2 months for the refund to be sent to your bank account, so it's not going to help anyone struggling with grocery costs right now, but it is handy to get up to £30 cash every couple of months hitting your bank account, which I tend to invest in another grocery order!

You can also use your Amazon vouchers to buy the groceries, and I tend to wait until I've earned enough free Amazon vouchers from market research projects, or app pay outs, and then make a grocery purchase, so the groceries don't actually cost me anything to start with, then I get £30 of cash in my bank account 2 months later, which is an added bonus!

Not all areas have the Amazon jobs available, it is postcode specific, so it may be that in your area, no assignments are available, in which case keep your eye on the site, but they do email you as well to let you know, and if they are desperate they sometimes even call you, (call comes from Australia, which was confusing at the beginning), asking if you are able to do an assignment for them, (Usually at the end of the month, when they need to get their completed assignment quota up), and if they have called you, always ask if they can up the offer, and they generally will, (I've had a £60 one once!). In my area, there are always Amazon assignments available, it's super rare to not to receive a couple of emails every week, to let me know there are assignments available if I want to do them!

Both my partner and I have an account, so we alternate our assignments, and so most of the time, between the 2 of us, we can perform an assignment every month, which totals up to £360 of grocery savings every year! (it helps we both have different last names, as they tend not to allow people with the same last name, at the same address to both have an account, but there are always ways around that!)

All in all, this is a well paying and decent little mystery shopping site, with the most frequent assignments I have found, personally, out of the mystery shopping services. You conduct the Amazon assignments from home, so no messing around, and as we often buy groceries via Amazon Fresh, and always select items we actually want and need to buy, it's a good way to stretch your food budget, as we would have spent the money anyway, so why not get up to £30 back, for less than 30 minutes of your time!?

You can find out more and sign up for free HERE

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