Hampshire Food Revolution - Cheap Food For All

I've recently come across a fantastic project that I wanted to share with you guys and gals.

The Hampshire Food Revolution is an not for profit, organisation, who are gifted food products that are no longer saleable, but still perfectly usable and safe to eat, from retailers, and are then offered to the public to avoid excess food going to landfill and to help those people with either an interest in making use of excess food, or those people who really struggle to make ends meet and can get food for next to nothing for the family.

The concept of the project is that retailers gift the project food products that are no longer saleable, but still edible, and the Hampshire Food Revolution then offer the products to the public, in return for a, discretionary donation.

The project is run by a team of volunteers and operates three times a week, on a Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Visitors are welcome to turn up and see what sort of products have been saved from landfill, and can take home ma selection of different types of products, ranging from eggs, vegetables, fruit, meat, flowers, tinned goods and more.

This is not a food bank, this is a food recycling scheme, you don't need to be referred to the scheme, it's open to all.

This particular scheme is based in Hampshire, but if you don't live nearby, it's worth an internet search to see if something similar is operating locally to you. If you find one, let us know and we will give it a shout out!

You can get more information on the project, via the organisations Facebook page.

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