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How Tesco Clubcard Reward Vouchers Are Changing For The Worse | Tesco

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

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Starting June 14th, Tesco will go through a major change to its loyalty scheme

Tesco is making changes to its Clubcard rewards scheme, reducing the value of vouchers when exchanged at its reward partners. Starting the 14th June, the retailer's loyalty scheme vouchers will only be worth two times their value instead of three.

This follows the axing of the original Clubcard app, and the launch of a new grocery app with digital and personalised coupons. Despite the changes, Tesco maintains that customers can still unlock great value in the same range of ways as before.

With potential savings of up to £351 a year, Tesco claim that more people than ever before are taking advantage of the immediate value that Tesco Clubcard offers, with some 8,000 offers available per week.

Tesco hasn't said why they are cutting its Clubcard reward vouchers for the second time in five years, but you would have to assume its cost of living related /increased operating costs which have forced the supermarket to make the changes so soon after reducing the vouchers only a few months ago. Back in 2018, vouchers were worth 4x face value, this was changed in November 2022 to 3x face value, and this new change in June means it's only worth 2x face value, so that means it has halved in five years, which is bad news for Tesco shoppers who use the vouchers, which are valid at more than 100 reward partners, for dining out and using at entertainment venues, often after saving up the vouchers for spending during school holidays.


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