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Treemendous Offer From Ikea This Christmas..

Ikea has announced that their ever-popular Christmas tree offer will be available again this year, and will start on Friday the 25th of November.

Ikea has announced that their ever-popular Christmas tree offer will be available again this year and will start on Friday, the 25th of November.

Those wanting a real Christmas tree to add some festive magic to their homes this Christmas may be pleased to learn that Ikea is offering their 6-foot Christmas trees for £25 this year, and like previous years, you will also be given a £10 Ikea voucher that you can use in the New Year, effectively making the tree just £15!

Even at £25, the tree represents great value, with many supermarkets currently charging £30+ for a similar sized tree, so offering an additional £10 voucher as well makes this a fantastic offer!

This deal has been running for a few years now; inflation has kicked in though, as a couple of years ago, Ikea gave away £20 vouchers, but a tenner is better than nothing, right!?

The offer runs from the 25th of November until the 24th of December 2022, and your voucher can be redeemed in-store between the 9th of January and the 12th of February 2023. It's a clever marketing strategy to get you back into the store during what is, for retailers, and generally pretty quiet time, so it's a win for both Ikea and you, should you be looking to make a purchase during this time!

  • The voucher cannot be used towards purchases from IKEA Shop Online, IKEA Gift Card, IKEA Restaurant, IKEA Swedish Food Market and IKEA Bistro.

  • The voucher cannot be used towards the purchase of Home Delivery, Kitchen Planning, Installation, Pick and Delivery services, or any other service offered by IKEA.

The tree on offer is the ABIES NORDMANNIANA Christmas tree (Article number: 80228363). This is available in all stores apart from the IKEA Greenwich and IKEA Hammersmith branches (no pun intended!)

The offer is not available online.

Ikea suggests the best way to look after your trees so it still looks good and has needles on Christmas Day is:

🎄Leave your tree outside or in a cool garage for a day to allow for acclimatisation. Be sure to protect it from the harsh wind and sun; this will help the tree retain moisture. 🎄If your tree needs to be stored for several days, make a straight cut across the base of the trunk approximately 3cm from the original cut. This will help the tree take up water. 🎄 When bringing your tree indoors, shake off any loose needles and make a fresh cut across the trunk 3cm from the previous cut. 🎄Store your tree upright and place the bottom end in a tree stand. 🎄The tree will need plenty of water in the first few hours - approximately 3L. Check daily and provide fresh water when required. 🎄Ensure your tree is placed away from fireplaces, radiators, televisions and other heat sources that may be a hazard.


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