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Fancy An Ikea 6 Piece Breakfast For Just £1?!

6 piece Ikea breakfast for just £1 till 27th March 2020
Ikea are offering a 6 piece breakfast for just £1!

Ikea are serving up a 6 item breakfast including: 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 omelette, 1 hash brown, baked beans and ½ grilled tomato or a vegetarian option, which includes: 1 vegetarian sausage, 1 hash brown, 1 omelette, baked beans, mushrooms and ½ grilled tomato, for just £1!

Normally £2.50, this is a great deal for those hungry shoppers who need a energy boost, before they descend into the depths of the Swedish flat pack kingdom!

The deal runs from Monday to Friday, and is available until 11am, so you have to be quick, as most stores don't open until 10am, so you opnly have an hour to order your food!

The deal ends on 27th March 2020


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