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Supermarket Saving App Jisp, To Roll Out To All Nisa Stores Soon!

Supermarket Saving App Jisp, To Roll Out To All Nisa Stores Soon!

How Jisp Can Save You Money On Your Grocery Shop

Grocery discount app Jisp has announced it will be available to use in all UK Nisa stores soon after a successful trial in 200 of the retailer's stores over the last year.

This is really useful as my local Nisa store, participating in the scheme, was too far away to make travelling to the store to make a saving on my shop worthwhile, but now I'll be able to travel just 2 minutes to be able to grab a discount on my groceries and even freebies!

So what is Jisp?

The Jisp app does a couple of things that I think will make it worth the download to anyone who likes to save a few quid.

Firstly, and in my view, less importantly, the app allows you to place an order for groceries from local convenience stores for home delivery. It's similar to Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo in that you place an order for groceries, and they will deliver to you ASAP.

The app also allows you to arrange a click & collect order, so you can place your order for collection at local stores, pop into the shop, and have it there waiting for you, which is handy.

The delivery features were the main aim of the rewards app when I had downloaded the app previously; in fact, as far as I could tell, this was all it did, which would have been useful to me at the time when I needed to do some grocery shopping, as the other grocery delivery apps didn't deliver groceries to my address, at that time, but the issue was that Jisp, didn't have any participating stores near me, which was a shame, especially as the head office is based in Alton, in Hampshire, just a few minutes from where I live, so its great my local convenience store will be able to offer this!

The big change and there have been a lot of app improvements over the years, was released in September 2021 was the 'Scan & Save' function; I like it; it makes for a different shopping experience and a good way to grab some fantastic deals! This function allows you to visit a participating retailer, which is usually a smaller convenience store, and when you open the app, this will give you a list of exclusive deals available in the store that you can save your hard-earned money on! It's like the old-style paper vouchers offering discounts; only the offers are digital vouchers on the app instead. When shopping in-store, you need to find the product being promoted, scan the product barcode on the product or the price ticket, and the discount will show on the app. When you go to pay, show the cashier the app, and they will scan this and take the promotional savings off your bill there and then. This isn’t a cashback scheme where you claim a refund at a later date; this is an instant reduction at the till.

Often the offers will be highlighted with Jisp point of sale material, making it even easier to see what offers are available.

Often the offers will be highlighted with Jisp point of sale material, making it even easier to see what deals are available.

As well as the instant reductions, the app has a reward scheme, and when you redeem 25 Scan & Save products, you'll receive an in-app voucher in your voucher wallet that gives you £2.50 off any item in the store you earned your rewards, saving you money off a future purchase. The redemption can be of any value, so even a 10p coupon redemption will be counted within the 25 redemption target.

Watch the video below to see the app in action.

What sort of products are on offer?

I've seen offers elsewhere for products that, if I'm honest, have little interest to me. It's all bottles of spirits and random food products I'm never likely to buy, but Jisp is different.

The discounts are pretty reasonable, with 25p off bread, 40p off milk, £2 off wine, £2.47 off beer, as an example

The discounts are pretty reasonable, with 25p off bread, 40p off milk, £2 off wine, £2.47 off beer, as an example, and all these discounts are for big brand products, not own brand items, making the deals even better, meaning you are getting comparable prices to the big supermarkets, possibly even better pricing, from your local shop!

I even found this freebie as well, free HP beans! I could just scan this product with the app, go to the till and get it for free, and I do love a freebie!

Previous freebies have included free HP beans and chocolate bars. Just scan the product with the app, go to the till and get it for free!

Since the app was made available to Nisa retailers at the start of 2022, the app has saved Jisp users almost £750,000 so far, with the 'Scan and Save' feature, which had had over 1 million scans in-store, with 1.3 million money-saving vouchers issued in Nisa stores alone!

Data taken from Jisp’s top 10 performing stores show that, on average, ‘Scan & Save’ boosted sales for each of the Nisa stores by £100,000 a year while delivering over £30,000 of discounts to shoppers, so both the store owners and customers get something out of using the app, plus for the retailer, the use of the app helps in building loyalty to the store by Jisp users, and as a Jisp user, I have to say I'm always impressed with the customer service I get from my local store, and that makes for happy shopping!

The app can be used at selected stores throughout the UK, not just at Nisa; Jisp's partnerships with several UK convenience stores mean it's getting even easier to get a good deal in a local grocery store. Use the app to see what stores are near you to grab some discounted goodies. Helpful if you are out and about and fancy a drink or a snack or need to get something for dinner from a local store, as the savings will come in handy.

Locations where the Jisp app can be used.
Locations where the Jisp app can be used.

It's a good time for such a service to be available; we are all struggling with the cost of living right now, and if you are offered the chance to make a saving on something you were very likely going to buy anyway, who's going to say no, not me, that's for sure, and with some 400 new Nisa stores due to open by the end of 2023, and this increase in store numbers means that chances are you're going to find a store near you to be able to grab the discounts, whether planned in advance or as part of a spontaneous shopping trip! Jisp's most loyal shoppers can expect to make decent savings over the course of a year on their grocery bills, especially those customers who may not be able to go to larger stores or aren't fans of online shopping and rely on these independent businesses or doorstep grocery delivery services to keep food int he house, and as long as they have access to mobile phones, they'll be able to use the Jisp services and benefit from the exclusively low prices.

Make sure you follow Jisp on social media, as it's a good way to get notifications of extra special deals and, most importantly, freebies!

There aren't any charges for using the app; it's free to download, free to use, and so well worth downloading, in my view! It's available on both IOS and Android operating systems.

You can download the app HERE, and if you sign up with promo code 58G88M you'll get a free 50p bonus to get you started!

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Information and participating retailers are correct as of 8th October 2023 but subject to change.


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