Just Park - Earn Money By Renting Out Your Drive!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Ok, so you looking to find a way to earn a little extra cash, but don't really have time for a part time job, haven't got the energy to start selling items on EBay, or maybe just don't have an clue how to do it!? Here is another little idea for you.... 

Do you have a driveway or dedicated parking space? If yes, it may well start to earn you a few extra quid! You can actually earn money by allowing people to use your driveway to park their vehicle, when you aren't making use of it. This could be during the day, when you are at work, at the weekend, overnight, while you are on away on holiday etc. Perhaps you don't have a car at all, but have a driveway going to waste that could be used to earn you some cash, or have a driveway for 2 cars, but just have the one etc... Just Park could be a useful side hustle for you.

Just Park are an online company who specialise in exactly this. Sign up with them, tell them when you have availability for someone to park on your driveway or parking space and they will advertise your space for you, deal with the bookings and admin and then pay you directly. It's that simple!  You can customise when you have availability and the system will allow you to block off certain weeks, days, hours etc, that you don't want someone parking, to ensure that you only have people using your services, when you want them to be!

When it comes to what people will pay, to use your facilities, it's going to depend on your location and your availability. If you happen to be located within a close locality to a railway station, city centre, stadium, etc, then you are probably going to be more in demand, and will be able to get more money for your space than if you are based in the middle of nowhere...

It's all about supply and demand of course! You can set your own pricing if you would like to, the website shows you what the people/parking facilities close to you are charging, to help you to offer competitive pricing, or alternatively Just Park will suggest a price for you, based on your location and the average pricing in your area for you.

It's pretty clever, their system know if there is something happening locally that can bump up your price for you, and will automatically change the pricing. As an example, I'm located within a 5 minute walk of a football stadium, and my pricing automatically increases when there is a big match on, so I can profit from the extra demand for parking spaces during this event, which is really helpful and somewhat clever!

You can use the companies website to get it set up, or alternatively you can download the app as well to make use of the service while out and about, should you want to.

The Just Park service has been around for a while now, as of 2018, it had been used by over 2.5 million motorists and have 45,000 space owners signed up, and it's increasing on a daily basis, and so is far from a Mickey Mouse operation!

Now unless you are located somewhere really special, you aren't going to want to jack in your job just yet and live on the proceeds of this service, to be honest.

As an example, during the week, I can expect my average earnings to be £2.80 per day for people to use my drive! Not a massive amount of cash, but work it out over a month, or a year and actually it's a decent amount of money for people to make use of something that's not being used, and often I'm not even at home to see the drive being used, and so it's pretty much money for doing nothing! Obviously, depending on your location, the amount you could charge could be more or less than I receive. 

You may find that this service will save you a decent chunk of change if you normally pay to park for work, pleasure etc.

The potential savings you could make from using this service to park over a big car park company could be massive. I had the 'pleasure' of parking in London recently at a car park that is run by  a three letter company starting with N and ending with P, and it cost me over £50 to park for the day! I swear my car isn't worth £50! Therefore if I had know about this kind of service, I would definitely have looked at this option first, maybe it's time you did! 

If this is something that's of interest, then pop onto the JUST PARK website, register and see what you can expect to earn from your driveway and also to see what you could be paying for a space. They are currently running a promotion where if you sign up and make a booking, they will give you £10 to spend on parking. If you sign up as a space owner wanting to rent out their space, they will give you a £10 Amazon voucher.

All in all, this is a decent idea that has potential to top up your income with the minimal of effort.


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