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I Think My Milkman Must Hate Me!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Apologies to my #Milkandmore Milkman!

I think he must hate me… Why you ask, well, little did I know, but Milk & More don’t just sell milk and dairy items, which they deliver direct to your door, in the dead of night, which is obviously very useful…. Nope they also sell a range of household items, which includes garden items such as compost!

Who knew that alongside my skimmed milk and croissants, I could also get bags of compost as delivered as well, which for me is really handy, as it means that I don’t have to go and join the massive line of people waiting to get into the #supermarket or #DIY store, nope, my milkman brings it to me!

I’m getting through loads of bags at the moment, as we are building raised wooden planters, and they are pretty big, and it takes loads of bags of #compost to fill them up, and so having the compost delivered overnight is really handy, but I think my #milkman hates me, as he has to lug them up our long drive to deliver them, so sorry about that Jason, I will remember you when it comes to the #Christmastip ;)

Fancy taking advantage of the Milk & More home delivery service? Well if so, if you use promo code R14HS1 when you check out, you will grab £5 off your first order, (Can be anything, not just compost!), with free delivery, and also a #free bottle of orange juice with your first delivery! Even if you only spends £5, the £5 discount will still apply..


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