Fancy Mustard Ice Cream ?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

French's Yellow Mustard Ice Cream

I write this on the on this hottest UK Bank Holiday Monday, since records begun,and like many people, I'm thinking about ice cream a little more than usual!

I'm fancying a nice salted caramel cone, or perhaps a cookie dough version, but wait, there's an other option I hadn't come across until today. ....

The Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich

What if you could enjoy a yellow mustard, or perhaps a candied hot dog and mustard flavour ice cream!? Would you? ⁣


⁣Well our neighbours, over the pond, in the USA, will be able to shortly!

French’s Yellow Mustard flavour ice cream, and Oscar Mayer, hot dog and mustard flavour ice cream are being released. ⁣


⁣A lot of me says no, but there is a small percentage of me, that says why the heck not…. If someone wants to send me over to the USA, I’m happy to give it a whirl for you ;)⁣

For now I'm settling for a Cornetto....