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My Yellow Sticker Finds - 16th October 2020

This is my yellow sticker haul from Friday 16th October 2020. This purchase consisted of:

5x Pain au chocolat @ 25p - Normal cost £4.98

2x Mushrooms @ 10p - Normal cost £2.00

1x Plums @ 5p - Normal cost £1.00

1x Stewpack @ 5p - Normal cost £1.00

1x Chilli plant @ 5p - Normal cost £1.00

1x King Edward potatoes @ 8p - Normal cost £1.50

4x Pink Lady apples @ 36p - Normal cost £6.76

Total paid this trip - £0.94 - Normal price - £18.24 - Total saved £17.30

The Pain au Chocolat's have gone into the freezer. These are my sons favourite, and handy for a super fast breakfast on the run, so will come in handy. The apples are our favourite, and a great deal, and will be enjoyed during the week. They actually had over 80 packs available on clearance, so everyone walked out the store with lots of apples, plus there were over 50 mushroom packs as well, so they were also popular`! The potatoes have been cut into wedges, par boiled, vacuum sealed and then frozen, and it's made 3 batches, so that's going to cover a few meals. the stew pack, plums and mushrooms will be used in the week and the chilli plant is on the window sill, and will put in the mini greenhouse we have, next year...


I always like to confirm that: I picked up these items from the supermarket where I am currently working part time. All items, as per normal, were purchased after having been on display, and not purchased by customers, after the store had closed. I always think it important to mention this, as many people have expressed concern that others may not have had an opportunity to purchase the items I bought. I ensure others have the opportunity to take advantage of deals, and if buying while the store is still open, ( I may finish work before the store closes), I will always ensure that I leave products on the shelf, not take everything, so that others have the opportunity to grab a bargain as well. #Sharingiscaring


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