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New Allotment! Exciting Growing Times Ahead!

Excuse the portrait filmed video, not sure why I filmed this way, not a great start to using video more in my posts and blog!

We have been super lucky and have been given our very own allotment!

We applied for an allotment just before the first lockdown in 2020. We had been dabbling with growing our own fruit and veg the Summer before and really enjoyed having our own produce on the dinner table!

We live in an old converted warehouse, and the garden is basically an old tarmac yard, covered with stones and so not a great environment for use an allotment. We made use of grow bags and containers for growing purposes, and last Summer I made some deep planters, which really helped increase our yields of produce, which was great, but was still somewhat limiting.

The call we received, letting us know that we were top of the allotment list, was perfectly timed! We were just talking about how and what we were going to grow in 2021, and so to be offered an actual allotment plot, 40 foot by 20 foot, was fantastic news.

The allotment is going to give us the opportunity to expand the range of fruit and vegetables that we can grow, so will give us the opportunity to experiment with growing different things we haven't tried before, as well as increasing the amount of food we can produce, cutting our food costs, as well as ensuring we eat more fresh fruit and veggies.

Exciting times ahead!

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