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The New Deal A Day Discount Site Launches And Could Save You £1,000's A Year!

The latest Co-op 'Freezer Deal' is now live in your local Co-op store.

Get the latest and greatest deals delivered to your email inbox every day!

If, like me, you love a special offer or deal but always seem to miss out on the decent ones because you found out about it too late, there's a brand new service that just launched that takes the hard work out of deal hunting and could save you a small fortune!

The Deal A Day service will email deal alerts every day to your inbox letting you know immediately about the best deals or offers, so you can take full advantage!

Jordon Cox, who is better known as the 'Coupon Kid'

This new service has been launched by Jordon Cox, better known as the 'Coupon Kid', and Jordon has been deal hunting for 11 years, scouring the web for the best deals every single day. Now, you can access the hottest deals without lifting a finger, letting Jordon do all the legwork for you!

He once got a £600 supermarket shopping trip for 4p by using supermarket coupons, and also travelled from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin to save £8 on a train journey!

Jordon is a regular presenter on Channel 4's Steph’s Packed Lunch TV show. He is often seen popping up on TV and radio, teaching people how to get the best deals, so what better person to have hitting your mailbox every day with his favourite deals and offers! The deals could be discounts or offers at high street or internet stores, money off meals out, free gym membership, discounted days out with the family, all sorts of deals that are bound to be useful and will save you money!

The subscription service suggests you could save £3,000+ a year for £2.50 a month, which sounds like an excellent financial investment to me! The service costs £3.50 a month if you pay monthly; for £18, you can secure 6 months of deals (which is £3.00 per month), or the best deal is the 12-month subscription, which costs £30.00 and means you'll be receiving a whole years worth of offers, for just £2.50 a week!

Jordon reckons that the average daily saving is £8, so even if you use just one of the deals every month, you'll have made a profit; use 4 deals and saved enough to pay for the whole year's subscription, so it's a no-brainer!

If you want to give the service a whirl but are unsure about parting with your hard-earned cash, then take up Jordan's offer of a free *14-day trial of the service, and you'll receive 2 weeks of daily deals straight to your mailbox for absolutely free! If you don't want to continue receiving the deals (why wouldn't you?), you can cancel the service using the link at the bottom of the daily emails.

Deal A Day also offers a free service where you’ll get an email at the end of each week with a few deals they've sent out over the last few days. This costs nothing, and there are no subscription charges, so it's worth signing up for that if you don't want to take out a paid subscription; however, the daily deals are often time-sensitive, perhaps a one-day sale or an unmissable offer that's going to have expired by the end of the week, so if you don't want to miss out on these premium deals, it's well worth signing up for even the basic subscription service to reap the rewards!

You can sign up to Deal A Day HERE, and you'll see the link for the free 14-day trial on the main page.

I've been using the service for a few days now, and it saved me £5 off my Amazon order on day 2, so I wonder how much I'll save over my 6-month subscription; the mind boggles!

*The total amount payable when signing up for the free trial will be £0 with the free trial in effect, but money will be taken after the 14-day period.


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