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One Pulse - Fun And Quick Paid Surveys

One Pulse is an American based survey app, which you use on your mobile phone, and will alert you and ask you a mix of paid for and just for fun questions and polls.

The questions usually take less than 1 minute to answer and so are very quick to complete. Questions are normally themed around things happening in the news, or the time of year, for example Christmas, with them asking you about your seasonal shopping habits, and how they may be affected by certain situations, such as the Covid-19 restrictions, and how it's affected your shopping habits etc..

There is normally far more just for fun questions than paid for questions, however it's worth completing these anyway because each question you answer awards you points and when you reach a certain point total you move up a level and this increases the amount you are paid per survey.

As the app is American, you will be paid in US $. You start at 25 cents per paid survey and as you answer more and more questions you move up levels and each level adds an additional cent to the amount you earn per paid question. I've been using the app, on and off, for about 4 years, and I'm currently earning 36 cents per paid question.

During the start of the pandemic, One Pulse changed the payout limit from $5 to $20, so quite a big leap, so it does take much longer now to reach the payout threshhold, but the more you answer, the quicker you get there!

You get paid by PayPal once you have reached $20.00 and are paid in USD$, and once the money is in your Paypal account, you can use the website or app, to exchange the $ into £.

AS a guide, and obviously this will vary depending on the day's currency rate, the average $20.00 pay out is around £14.60.

Paid surveys come through randomly and so there are days you receive little in the way of paid surveys and then days when you get several. On average it's taken me about 6 month's to get a pay out, but that is with me being somewhat slack in my actually doing each Pulse sent to me!

It's not going to make you rich, but it all helps out, every penny counts, and if you keep all your earnings in you PayPal account, for this and the other payable apps you may use, and then cash out your PayPal account every 6 months or so, it's actually surprising how much you can have, it's a good way to save extra for Christmas presents!

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