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Pluto TV - On-Demand & Streaming TV - At No Cost!

If, like me, the current financial crisis has you re-evaluating if you can afford to pay for a subscription TV service anymore, then Pluto might be of interest to you.

Pluto is a 100% free streaming TV service that's also 100% legal and available to UK users.

It's straightforward to use, you go to the Pluto website or download the app, and this will give you access to thousands of TV programmes and movies to keep you and the family entertained!

Now, this isn't Netflix, Prime Video etc., it doesn't have anything like the same amount of choice as the paid for services, and the TV programmes and movies will still have adverts (unless you watch the on-demand service),

You aren't going to find the latest releases to watch; much of the programming isn't necessarily on the higher budget end of the production scale, but that's to be expected when you aren't paying for premium content! That said, there are still some decent programmes and movies to be watched!

I've spent a week using the service, and I've enjoyed using the app and watched some decent movies, in good quality, with no buffering or quality issues, so it gets a thumbs up from me!

It's ideal for anyone looking for a bit more variety of programming and has enough of a range of viewing content to keep you entertained, and well, it's free, so what do you have to lose.

There is content for kids, plus news channels, documentaries, drama, lifestyle, comedy, sports & gaming, and motor and paranormal channels, so a decent range to suit most tastes!

Regarding legality, it is 100% legal to watch; there are no bills, you don't need to sign up (you can start watching immediately), and no contracts, so risk-free!

Now I wondered if I needed a TV licence to watch the service. It's a bit of a minefield as some online information says no, and some says yes, but as channels are streaming 'live' content, which is impossible not to see, as it comes on the screen when you go onto the service, and you do need a TV licence to view 'live' tv; I'm going with you needing to have a TV licence to watch it. I will update this post if I find out otherwise, but I'm 90% sure you do!

So if you want access to some extra TV content, which can be watched on your TV or smart device, I would say that Pluto was well worth a look, and at zero cost, it won't break the bank!

You can watch it and/or download the app HERE.


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