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2 Free Months Of Readly Magazines

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Readly is one of my favourite apps, and literally saves me a flipping fortune! It's the Netflix of the magazine reading world!

I do enjoy reading a magazine, always have, but in recent years found myself buying less and less of them, purely down to the price of the publications, which seem to have sky rocketed, and so I was very interested to hear about Readly.

The service allows you to read as many magazines as you like, (and there are hundreds on the app), for a flat monthly fee of £9.99, which is nothing, considering I would buy 2 or 3 magazines a week, which easily cost more than the monthly fee!

You can read the magazines, and other publications, on your phone, PC, or tablet, so ideal for the sofa, travelling or on the beach on holiday with no wasted paper, and a massive amount of choice, and i like that when you find a magazine you like, you can also read the back issues as well... it's ace!!

Readly are currently offering a free, unlimited, 2 month trial of the service, with no further commitment, so long as you remember to cancel the trial after the 2 months, or you will start paying the £9.99 a month.

If you love it as much as me, and continue using the service after the trial and pay the monthly fee, you can set up different profiles within the service, so you can allow your family their own profile, which will load up their magazine favourites (in a similar way to Netflix does with movies), and could always team up with your mates to split the monthly cost with you, so you all get your own profile and magazines, and you all save some extra £££'s..

You can view the free trial info HERE

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