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Respondent Market Research- Get Paid For Your Opinion

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Well paid market research projects, with frequently added new projects

Respondent is an online portal which advertises a wide range of market research jobs, available to UK residents.

The site itself is American and for that reason the jobs are paid in US dollars ($).

You get paid via Paypal within 10 days of taking the study, the payment will be in USD $, but you can then easily exchange this to GBP £, via Paypal

The site will give a list of available studies, a brief guide as to what the study is all about and a link to apply.

You normally have to answer a few screener questions and then it will show you how suitable it thinks you are for the study.

The people conducting the study will then go through the list of people who appear to be most suitable and will then get in contact with you.

The studies may be conducted in person, over the phone or online, each study is different.

The reward for each study also varies, however $50 to $100 for a 60 minute study is not uncommon.

The studies can often be of a technical theme, for example there are often many studies based around computing and networking, as this company does a lot of work for big computing companies such as Microsoft, Google etc, but you will also find more generic studies as well.

Respondent allows you to apply for 3 projects per day. Be aware that even if you score 100% on the screener questions, it does not guarantee that you will be given a place on the study, it's the luck of the draw.

I personally have conducted several studies through Respondent and find the process easy to deal with.

The majority of the studies are recorded, either voice only, but more than likely via video. If you are camera shy, then Respondent isn't for you! To be honest, most of the time, you will forget you are being recorded as most studies are done via webcam/app and you just have to forget the video element and get on with the study.

Some studies are ones where you just have a set task to do, and the screen will record what you are doing, this is very frequent for website, or app testing, but most of the time you will be actually talking to someone. Normally this is via a video link, sometimes just by audio, but you will be having a full on conversation with the researcher, and can expect to be asked lots of questions and for your opinion. I haven't had a study yet where the researcher has not been pleasant and friendly, even on a 9am study!

All in all, Respondent is a great market research site, and one I recommend, at the very least, signing up for, which is free to do. You can then browse the site for jobs whenever you wish.

I list many of the Respondent jobs on the Live market Research Jobs section of this website, and so you can browse these jobs, and others easily.


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