Shoppix - Earn Cash With Your Store Receipts

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Shoppix is an app based service who pays you to upload your shopping receipts and earn points for doing so.

Using the app, you take a photo of your receipt and rate the shopping trip, (takes 1 second to rate), and then once the receipt has been validated you are awarded points which are then added to your Shoppix account.

Once you reach 3200 points you can then cash out £5.00, (or you can keep the points in there and cash out later and cash out a larger amount) You can choose to have the cash, via PayPal, or can choose to be rewarded with ITunes, Amazon or Love to shop gift cards.

Receipts are normally awarded between 25 and 30 points each. There are rules as to what sort of receipts are valid to be used, and it's mainly hand written receipts, car park tickets and unreadable receipts that are not accepted.

It's a very simple process and it makes use of the receipts you already have, acquired on your daily shopping trips. You need to take sure that you upload the receipts within 7 days, otherwise they will not be accepted.

You can also earn extra points by conducting special surveys on the app, often asking more in depth questions about a recent /shopping trip, and what you think about the brand, and you will be awarded additional points for doing these, plus you also then get a scratch card, which you may be awarded extra points as well, but sometimes you are unlucky and it's a no win card!

It can be quite addictive and I guarantee you will consider picking up that receipt you have seen on the floor, that someone has dropped, and using that one as well... think of it as keeping Britain tidy!

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