SKY TV Increase In April, What Can You Do?

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Millions of Sky broadband and TV customers will see their bills rise from April – but if you're affected you may be able to leave penalty-free or haggle down your bill.

I've had an email, as will have the vast majority of SKY TV customers and some broadband customers to confirm that as of April 2020, SKY will be increasing the cost of several of it's services.

The following packages will go up in price from Wednesday 1 April, (Not an Aprils Fools joke):

Sky Broadband Essential (its basic broadband package) will rise by £2/month (it's currently £20/month for customers in contract and will move to £22/month)

Sky Entertainment (its base TV package that most will have) will rise by £2/mth (it's currently £22/mth for customers in contract, moving to £24/mth).

Sky TV Multiscreen will rise by £1/mth (it's currently £13/mth for customers in contract, moving to £14/mth).

Sky HDTV will rise by £1/mth (it's currently £5/mth for customers in contract, moving to £6/mth).

If you're out of contract, the price increase will be the same in terms of pounds, but the initial price it increases from may be higher.

Customers with multiple packages may well see multiple rises but SKY says the average impacted customer will see a rise of around £3. a month. SKY will be contacting those affected between Thursday 20 February and Wednesday 25 March by email or post.

All other broadband and TV packages are unaffected.

Mid-contract? You MAY be able to leave penalty-free

If you're not happy with the price hike, you may be able to exit your contract with SKY penalty-free. But there's no point just leaving if your current deal is still the cheapest out there – so check rival providers' prices first and remember other providers also increase prices from time to time.

If you do decide to quit your SKY contract, it's important to note:

If you're affected by the Broadband Essential price increase, you CAN cancel your contract without paying an early termination charge. Bear in mind that you'll only be able to do so once you've received official notification of the price increase from SKY. Once you have received this, you must call SKY within 30 days if you want to ask to leave penalty-free. If you're affected by a TV deal price rise, unfortunately you cannot exit it penalty-free as a result of these price changes, as TV contracts have different T&Cs which allow for these rises. But it may still be worth haggling with Sky if you're unhappy about the change. It's also wortth looking to remove any monthly add-ons to reduce your costs, if the rise is going to cause you financial issues.. At the very least, make sure you use the price rise as extra haggling ammunition when you come to the end of your contract. Remember, if you're out of contract you can always leave penalty-free, or at the very least call them and tell them you are intending to leave. They don't like to lose subscribers and having been in this situation at the end of last year, I managed to haggle several hundred pounds worth of discounts, by combining my threat to leave with taking up one of the Black Friday deals being offered! You can tell them you are leaving, or look to switch at any time, once you have finished your exisiting contract. Taking a new offer, will most likely, result in a new contract being agreed, tying you into a minimum 18 months contract, so make sure you do look around at other suppliers as well, as chances are that rivals such as Virgin, will have special offers on the go, (which may not be advertised), to try and grab some of SKY's annoyed of the increase, customers!

Either way, expect to spend more on your home entertainment in 2020, SKY will likely be the first of many companies looking to increase prices, maybe it's time to look into making more use of your Netflix or Amazon Prime Movies, and reducing your more expensive subscriptions to SKY TV and similar...