StreetSpotr - Paid Mystery Shopping Missions..

Updated: Mar 1

Streetspotr is a market research app. The app lists a range of different finding jobs available in your area.

In most cases, you act 'under cover'; the idea is not to announce that you are conducting a mission!

Select the job you wish to take from the list on the app, and then once you have accepted a task, you must complete it within a specific time frame (usually 12hrs).

The app will give you detailed instructions on what you are required to do.

This job may be locating a specific product within a store environment, taking photos and answering questions asked of you by the app.

There may also be jobs where you have to interact with a staff member, be covert, and ask specific questions.

Jobs are generally pretty easy to carry out; you need to make sure you read what is expected of you before accepting the task; if you do it wrong, you won't be paid!

You can expect to earn anywhere between £2 and £10 for successful mission completion. Completed task payments are paid to your Paypal account. Usually, this is paid within 30 days of performing the task.

This app has less jobs than most of its rivals, but you can often find something locally.