Free Dry Cleaning For Job Hunters From Timpson

Free dry cleaning from Timpson for job interviewees
Timpson have confirmed that they are still offering FREE dry cleaning for your suit/outfit as long as it's for an interview.

High street chain Timpson is offering free dry cleaning to the unemployed - if you need an outfit for a job interview.

You don't need a voucher for this, just ask at the counter to get the deal. Timpson confirmed you can get your suit/outfit cleaned for free as long as it's for an interview.

This deal first launched a year ago and continues to be a very generous offer by the well known hight street retailer. Timpson state that there isn't currently an end date and that the offer would continue to run as long as people didn’t start abusing the offer.

The offer is running in every store that has dry cleaning facilities - about 500 locations across the UK. Find your nearest Timpson store here.

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